When designing your landscape, it is important to plan for all four seasons. Evergreen shrubs and bushes, mountain laurel, english lavender and lilacs are a choice in ensuring your yard holds some sort of lively presence throughout all four seasons.


But you want to switch things up every now and then. How do you keep color in your yard as the seasons change? Think about the types of plants you are choosing. 


Landscaping Tips for Every Season 



Springtime is the season for increased blooming production. Tulips, Pansies, Forsythia and Crocus are all great choices for your garden and are perfect for larger landscapes that will add that burst of life back into your yard.



If you are looking for an extra boost in flower power, opt for daylilies, zinnia, rose and hydrangea. These flora will thrive in the hot summer months and keep your landscape popping.




To adhere to the fall festivities, consider flowers that hold to a thanksgiving color scheme. Mums, grasses, asters and begonias keep warm color in your yard as you head into the colder months.




You will need hardy plants with strong tolerance to the elements to survive the frost. Choose hollies, firethorn, snowdrops and chokeberry bushes to keep your landscape alive.